★★★★★ The Crew: The Quest For Planet Nine. No One Can Hear You Scream In Space, But They Can Definitely See You Panic.

Check out this game if: you like trick-taking games like Hearts, Euchre, or Bridge. Also, check out this game if you like cooperative games.

This game stands out because: even without talking, you create a language, and bond, with the other players, it’s magical.

1. If you know how to play trick-taking games, you can learn this game in minutes. If you don’t know trick taking games, it’s still a pretty quick to learn.
2. It’s cooperative, win or lose together!
3. The log book gives you a fun story to follow.
4. This game plays 2 to 5 players, and it plays really well at all player counts.
5. This is the kind of game you can play for hours around a kitchen table or in a tent.
6. The log book also provides you with 50 unique missions which can be done in order, at random, pick and choose, or backwards…

1. It would be hard to play if your friends don’t like trick-taking games (get new friends).
2. Because missions are quick, it’s easy to lost track of time and never sleep again.

Brief Overview:
Trick-taking games are all pretty similar because during a round, players put cards from their hand into the center of the table, and one player wins these cards, this is called winning or taking a trick!

In most trick taking games, players are either trying to score the most points, or avoid points which can be awarded by taking tricks. But in this game, everyone works together.

The cooperative part of this game comes with two ingenious concepts. First, there is a second deck of cards called a task deck. Tasks get assigned to players face up and everyone works together to get every player their task. Second, you have limited communication during the game. Players cannot talk to each other (image you’re in space) but you can show one card from your hand to the other players! Deciding which card to show and when to show is part of that secret language groups will create by playing together. Play enough rounds, and your groups will start to see magic.

There is only one version of this game right now, but another full version called The Crew: Mission Deep Sea scheduled to release July 2021.

Teaching Advice:
If you’re teaching players who aren’t familiar with trick taking games, play a couple rounds open handed. Show players how to play, but also tell them why you would play certain cards and certain times.

If you’re teaching experienced trick taking gamers, just tell them this is a cooperative trick taking game and watch their minds explode.

Number of Players 2-5
Age 10+
Time 20 mins
Friendly ★★★★★
Teachable ★★☆☆☆
Replayability ★★★★★
Creative Freedom ★★★★☆
Inclusive (no elimination) ★★★★★
Interaction ★★★★★

Link to tutorial video on YouTube.

Link to The Crew: The Quest for Planet Nine on Amazon

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