Holiday 2018 Pick List

I have been asked for a lot of gift ideas this year, so I thought I would write up my responses. Also, these are games I have seen recently in brick-n-mortar stores (links to their respective stores), so you should be able to get them last min.

For the kid (5 to 8). Happy Salmon: Just rowdy fun.

This game plays up to 6 players! Players get cards with actions on them (like fist bump) and they need to find another player with the same card to do the action with. Just simple fun.

happy salmon

For the Family. Megaland: A simple game that has strategy and press-your-luck.

This game plays up to 5 players. Gain resources by going on a journey. The longer you stay on the journey the more resources you can acquire, but stay on your journey too long and you can loose everything. Use acquired resources to improve your future journeys and gain points. Highly recommend this for families because it has a perfect mix of luck and input.


For the Family. Drop It: Because everyone thinks “it should be easy to drop pieces where you want them to land.”

Plays 2-4 people (or teams). Drop your color piece in the vertical board and get points for how high you stack your piece -but don’t break the simple rules. Again, I highly recommend this for families because it has a perfect mix of luck and input.

drop it

For the Friends. A Fake Artist goes to New York: Laugh so hard you’ll cry.

For 5-10 players. Everyone works together to draw a picture, but one person doesn’t know what the picture should be. Just silly fun for friends (or strangers).

a fake artist

For Your Gamer Friends. The Mind: the simplest rules, but hardest game.

The game starts and everyone has one card numbered between 1 & 100. All you need to do is put the cards down in order, but you cannot talk. That’s it. You’ve got to play this game to see why it’s so great.

The Mind

Good luck with finding the perfect gift (or just by these for yourself, they are so much fun you’ll be glad you did).

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