★★★★½: Bohnanza; explore the exciting life of a bean farmer(!)

Check out this game if: you like highly interactive games where you trade cards a lot and make quick real decisions.

This game stands out because: the game does not force you to trade, but it’s usually in your best interest to trade a lot (and that’s fun).

1. High interaction! Seriously you will want to trade cards every turn.
2. You get to make real decisions (the game does not play you).
3. It’s fun to trade cards.
4. It’s oddly satisfying to harvest a large stack of beans.
5. Just a little bit of luck means you can downplay a loss.
6. Quick to set up and break down.

1. The unique mechanism in this game (not adjusting your hand of cards) may take some people a while to get the hang of.
2. It can take a long time to play (if players are taking a long time to make decisions).

Brief Overview:
The most distinctive mechanism in this game is that you cannot change the order of cards in your hand and you must play them in order (first in first out).

The object of the game is to grow as many beans as possible. You grow beans by playing them from your hand, or from trades, into a limited number of piles in front of you. Once you are satasfied with the number of beans in your field, you harvest them to gain money and free up a space for more/different beans. The player with the most money wins.

There are actually a lot of versions of this game. Notible versions are Bohnanza the Dice Game & My First Bohnanza. If you enjoy the trading in this game, you may also like Catan.

Teaching Advice:
Teaching this game is not difficult, but you will need to remind players at least 100 times that they cannot adjust the cards in their hand (the order you receive them is important and cannot be changed). You will also need to remind players that they cannot remove cards from their hand until the trade is finalized.

Number of Players 2-7
Age 13+
Time 45 mins
Friendly ★★★☆☆
Teachable ★★★☆☆
Replayability ★★★★★
Creative Freedom ★★★★☆
Inclusive (no elimination) ★★★★★
Interaction ★★★★★

Link to tutorial video on YouTube.

Link to Bohnanza on Amazon

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