Holiday 2017 Pick List

I have been getting asked for a lot of gift ideas this year, so I thought I would write up my responses.



For the kid (5 to 8). Harry Hopper: Because it’s fun to flick things.

This game comes with 2 high quality grasshoppers. Flick the grasshopper to knock over blades of grass. Simple, Easy, Fun. All ages can enjoy this game. It’s fun to play with the kids and the kids can enjoy playing it on their own.



For the Family. Azul: pretty tiles that look like starburst, but taste like plastic.

If your family is not into battling dragons together, this is a pretty game that is easy to get to the table. There is no theme to stand in the way of having fun together (again, no dragons in this game).




For the Family. Kingdomino: a little bit of strategy a little bit of luck, and a very clever game.

Game play is short and simple (once you figure out the clever drafting mechanism). If you have more than 4 people who want to play, just have them wait because games are quick. You will feel like a genius if you win, and unlucky if you loose.



For the Friends. The Chameleon: trying to blend in with the crowd was never this hard.

This is a great game for a group of friends (although a family could enjoy this too). I think it’s best for friends because it’s fun to try and call your friend out for giving a bad clue.



For Your Gamer Friend. An Escape Room Game: face it, they probably have every other game they want, but you can play this one with them (even if you’re not into board gaming).

There are a lot of them on the market right now, and I don’t think any of them are getting bad reviews.

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