★★★☆☆ Betrayal at House On The Hill: do you like scary movies? Want to play a stereotype of one?

Check out this game if: you like heavy text games, and the idea of playing through a horror movie.

This game stands out because: the theme is strong (seriously, they did a great job recreating horror movies in game form) and there are a lot of different scenarios.

1. This game is immersive and has some great plots.
2. This game can create great experiences (legendary experiences).
3. There are a lot of variables which gives this game a lot of replayability.
4. Game is somewhat free form and players can do what they want.
5. Because one or more players may betray the group, there is tension from the beginning.
6. Although the shorelines are not suitable for very young kids, the is nothing I found offensive.

1. If one person is not into the game, it might ruin the game for everyone.
2. The game can be long, like really long.
2. Some game components are poor quality.

Brief Overview:
Game begins with players choosing a character. Each character has strengths and weaknesses. Players then create the board by exploring the house (new tiles are laid out as characters go through doors).

Through the course of explorying the house, a storyline will be triggered. The storyline will also call out a specific player to be the traitor. At this point the remaining players will try to defeat the traitor while the traitor has his or her own goals (typically to destroy everyone else).

There is only one version of this game, but if you like this game, you should check out other story driven games like Near and Far, Tales of Arabian Nights, Mice and Mystics, and Story Cubes.

Teaching Advice:
This game is best taught in phases. First teach the players how to explore the mansion and let them know that they will learn more of the game as is progresses (you don’t need to go through every card and scenario before starting to play). As cards and events happen, make sure everyone understands the text before moving on.

Number of Players 3-6
Age 12+
Time 90 mins
Friendly ★☆☆☆☆
Teachable ★★☆☆☆
Replayability ★★★★☆
Creative Freedom ★★★★★
Inclusive (no elimination) ★★★☆☆
Interaction ★★★★☆

Link to tutorial video on YouTube.

Link to Betrayal At House On The Hill on Amazon

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