★★★★☆ Survive Escape from Atlantis: a suspenseful game of memory and backstabbing sharks.

Check out this game if: you’re looking for a unique, simple, and intense game (that may cause conflict).

This game stands out because: there is a memory and timed element that give this game interesting strategy and quick game time.

1. One way to win, but multiple ways to lose, gives this game a unique experience.
2. Trying to remember where you placed certain markers is surprisingly difficult -and fun.
3. This game always feels like it ends too quickly (which is great compared to games that last too long).
4. The end of the game is always exciting.
5.Game plays well with 6 players (if you get the expansion).
6. Game play is pretty quick (even with the 6 player expansion).

1. This game has some direct conflict.
2. This game doesn’t play as well with 2 players (3-6 are great).

Brief Overview:
The game begins with everyone collecting their desired color meeple and taking note of the numbers printed beneath them (these are victory points for the end of the game). With the board set up, players take turn placing their meeples on island tiles (one per tile, unless you are playing with more than 4 player than you can double up once every tile is occupied). With everyone’s meeples on the island everyone takes turns trying to get their meeples off the island and to the four corners of safety. You can move your meeples or you can move a boat with your meeples on it. At the end of your turn, you role a dice. The results of the dice roll will instruct you to move a shark, whale, or sea monster (all bad, but the shark and sea monster will eliminate meeples from the game). The game ends when there are no more meeples to move or when the volcano erupts (one of the last tiles removed from the island). Everyone looks at their safe meeples and adds the numbers written below them. The player with the highest sum, wins.

Number of Players 2-4
Age 8+
Time 60 mins
Friendly ★★☆☆☆
Teachable ★★★★☆
Replayability ★★★☆☆
Creative Freedom ★★★☆☆
Inclusive (no elimination) ★★☆☆☆
Interaction ★★★☆☆

There is one version of this game but a few expansions. The 5-6 player expansion is a must if your group is larger than 4 people. The giant squid and dolphin expansions are not a must, but fun if you want to add more replayability to the game.

Teaching Advice:
Start by handing out the meeples and showing everyone that each meeple has a number under it (they want to fidget with the meeples anyway). Explain that the number represent points at the end of the game but only if you can move that meeple to safety. Important, you cannot look at the number once you’ve placed the meeple on the board (you may want to repeat this a couple times). Next explain the turn order (removing a tile, moving meeples, and rolling the dice. That’s it.

Link to Video YouTube.

Link to Survive Escape Atlantis on Amazon

2 thoughts on “★★★★☆ Survive Escape from Atlantis: a suspenseful game of memory and backstabbing sharks.

    • Direct conflict is not inherently negative, but because this game appears family friendly/family weight, the direct conflict could dissuade some from buying it. I personally think direct conflict is great in games because it can be fun -and a learning experience for some.


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