★★★★★ Mysterium; have you ever felt your dreams were trying to tell you something? How about that one with the lion/boat in the desert?

Check out this game if: you are looking for a group game with a unique play experience -and  everyone can be social while still playing a thinky game.

This game stands out because: this is a cooperative game that everyone wins or loses together, but somehow the other players might give you bad advice. Because everyone is trying to interpret the “dream” cards, sometimes you can talk yourself out of the correct answer -which is especially frustrating for the ghost.

1. Cooperative means everyone wins (or loses) together.
2. The packaging reads 2-7 players, but I’ve played with much more (because you don’t really need to have a marker to participate)
3. The game encourages interaction with other players -working together means you can help each other guess what the ghost was trying to communicate.
4. This game encourages imagination, maybe too much.
5. Game teaches visual interpretation and recognizing details.
6. It’s easy to get younger players to participate by creating teams.
7. This game is just a lot of fun for almost any group.

1. Game might be frustrating at first (because it’s difficult and because the ghost player will want to talk).
2. Much better with a larger group.

Brief Overview:
In this game, some players will act as psychic investigators and one will act as a ghost (although I will often have two ghosts for more than five players).

The investigators are trying to find out who murdered the now ghost, where, and with what. In order to do this they are given bizarre cards (dream cards) from the ghost. These dream cards are supposed to help each player narrow down the who, what, and where of their specific dreams (each player will have a different who, what, and where).

The difficult part of this game (in addition to matching dream cards with who, what, and where cards) is that you need to do all this in seven rounds.

Number of Players 2-7
Age 10+
Time 45 mins
Friendly ★★★★★
Teachable ★★★★☆
Replayability ★★★★★
Creative Freedom ★★★★★
Inclusive (no elimination) ★★★★★
Interaction ★★★★★

There is only one version of this game, but there are many rules variations (mostly because this game was available in Polish and Italian first and the interpretated differently).

Teaching Advice:
The experienced player (or the one who had read the rules) should play the ghost at first.

With the cards set up, show some dream cards and explain how you can use the color, the images, or the feeling of the card to communicate which who, where, or what card.

Also, be sure to explain that you must solve your first level before moving on to the next (and if you don’t solve your level you get to keep your dream cards for future reference).

Link to Video Tutorial.

Link to Mysteriumon Amazon.

2 thoughts on “★★★★★ Mysterium; have you ever felt your dreams were trying to tell you something? How about that one with the lion/boat in the desert?

  1. It love Mysterium! I rarely have a group big enough for it as I didn’t think it worked too well with just three.. Could do with at least 4 I felt.
    But I love the dream cards and the story

    Liked by 1 person

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