★★★☆☆ Roll America; do you like Sudoku, but wish it were more random?

Check out this game if: you’re looking for a quick puzzle game for any number of players.

This game stands out because everyone is trying to solve the same puzzle in their own way. The special actions give you the ability to really play a unique strategy. The game is so quick that you won’t feel bummed if your strategy doesn’t work.

1. This game can play an almost unlimited number of players!
2. A few simple rules make this game quick to teach.
3. Limitation on choices make the game quick to play.
4. No down time -every player is playing on every turn.
5. No player elimination.
6. Just enough freedom for everyone to play a uniquely strategy.

1. Some people may find it frustrating -if you the kind of person that collected all the beanie babies (a completest), this might not be for you.
2. Probably only good for a few plays at a time -low replayability.
3. Making one mistake in the game can throw off the rest of your game -and it’s easy to make an obvious mistake.

Brief Overview:
Everyone gets their own map of the USA (with all the states represented). A player rolls two dice and everyone writes those two numbers in two different state boxes. If the states share a border, the numbers must be the same or one higher/lower.

Additionally, the dice and states share six colors (with one wild dice). If someone rolls a red six, everyone needs to write six in a red state (not political).

Number of Players 1-99
Age 10+
Time 15 mins
Friendly ★★★★★
Teachable ★★★★☆
Replayability ★★☆☆☆
Creative Freedom ★★★★☆
Inclusive (no elimination) ★★★★★
Interaction ☆☆☆☆☆

The original version of this game used a map of Japan, but the game is the same.

Teaching Advice:
I think the best approach to explaining this game is to show a used scorecard (if you haven’t played yet, sacrifice one scorecard for teaching). Hand out score cards for everyone and then show how a previous player positioned their dice result numbers. Once the number placement is understood, explain the special actions in the lower left corner.

Link to Video Tutorial.

Link to Rolling America on Amazon.

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