★★★★★ Telestrations; a combination of the games telephone and pictionary -but so much more bananas (?).

Check out this game if: you’re looking for a fun game that doesn’t really teach anyone anything.

This game stands out because it inherently creates confusion -which usually creates laughter. It’s just a lot of fun, and the inside jokes you will create can be great.

There are, however, two potential problems with this game. One, if you get an easy word or phrase, it may go the whole game without confusion (boring). Second, some players may take the concept of creating confusion too far -either making obscene remarks or just messing up the telephone concept entirely.

1. Laugh-out-loud fun.
2. The game gets better with more players.
3. No player elimination.
4. No conflict with other players.
5. Although there is a winner, technically, no one I’ve played with has ever cared.
6. Young kids may not get the gaming side of this, but they will have a lot of fun (the publisher puts the age at 10+, but I’ve played with a 6 year old).

1. Some players may be uncomfortable drawing or writing in front of everyone -but a friendly atmosphere should resolve this.
2. Some players might try to create confusion on their own (this can be good or bad).

Brief Overview:
Every player gets a dry-erase flip book. Using cards and a dice, every player gets a secret word or phrase. Using the flip book, each player either writes or draws their word and passes their book. If the last player drew you a picture, you write down what you think it is a picture of. If the last player wrote a word, you draw a picture of it and pass the book.

This continues until every player gets their book back. Everyone shows their flip book to everyone else. Points are awarded. Everyone has a good time.

Number of Players 4-12
Age 6+
Time 30 mins
Friendly ★★★★★
Teachable ★★★★☆
Replayability ★★★★☆
Creative Freedom ★★★★★
Inclusive (no elimination) ★★★★★
Interaction ★★★★★

There are a few versions of this game. There are 8 player and 12 player versions (get the 12 player version). There is also an adult version, which is not necessary because your family or friends will likely play to their comfort level anyway.

Teaching Advice:
Hand out the flip-books. Show everyone the different pages for drawing and writing words. Most important, be sure everyone closes their book to pass and then tell them which tab to open to (having one person in charge here helps a lot).

Link to Video Tutorial.

Link to Telestrations on Amazon.

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