★★★★½ Timeline: did Einstein wear Levi’s? trivia game with lots of surprises.

Check out this game if: you want to sneak a little education into game night, but still want to have fun.

This game stands out because it’s full “ah ha” moments. All the interesting invention dates will likely cause most people to think “wow, I had no idea garbage bags were such a recent invention.” This game is also great because it is so simple -feels like a game that should have been around for ages.

1. Easy to teach and quick to start playing.
2. Quick games.
3. Plays up to 8.
4. Educational but still very fun.
5. Because the dates can be close it’s difficult for anyone to know every answer -which usually give every player a chance to catch up with the leader.

1. A clear advantage for adults -very young kids will likely not be able to compete.
2. A few games and you may start to recognize the cards (buy multiple editions to fix this problem).

Brief Overview:
This game comes with a stack of cards. Each card has the name of an invention on one side and the year it was invented on the reverse. Each player is given 4 or 5 cards (depending on how many people are playing) and the goal is to get rid of your cards. You get rid of your cards by placing the cards in a line of other cards. If you guessed the correct placement for your card (the year of your card fits between the cards you placed it) you lower your hand size by one card. If you guessed incorrectly you must draw another card from the pile.

First player to correctly place all their cards on the time line wins.

Number of Players 2-8
Age 8+
Time 15 mins
Friendly ★★★★☆
Teachable ★★★★★
Re-playable ★★☆☆☆
Creative Freedom ★☆☆☆☆
Inclusive (no elimination) ★★★★★

There are many versions of this game (Inventions, American History, Discoveries, Historical Events, Music, Cinema, and Sports). All these versions can be combined and work together.

Teaching Advice:
Set aside a few cards to show how the game works before dealing cards to everyone (chances are they are going to inspect the front and backs of the cards if you deal cards out before teaching).

Link to Video Tutorial.

Link to Timeline on Amazon.

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