★★★★★ Doodle Quest; drawing imaginary fish between imaginary coral -if you can imagine.

Check out this game if: you’re looking for a game for kids, or adults, or everyone -cats might not be able to participate.  

This game stands out because it is oddly challenging and but mostly just silly fun. I have not played with anyone who is drastically better than any one else at this game -so it turns into a game of “who is the least bad.” Because it’s quick and silly, I haven’t seen anyone get competitive or mad.

1. Easy concept, easy to teach.
2. Quick to start playing.
3. Great for young kids (recommended 5+, but I think younger kids can easily participate).
4. Teaches spacial recognition.
5. Lots of pictures to play many games (and play again).
6. Can play solo.
7. Not competitive -unless you count disappointing yourself for drawing your fish too close to the shark.

1. Only plays up to 4 players.
2. Awarding points can be tricky (judging whether two lines touch or not can be subjective).
3. The target audience is for kids, adults can play and have fun, but it’s really a kids game.

Brief Overview:
Drawing fish, lines, or circles on a transparent sheet and laying that transparency over a picture -with the goal to either touch or not touch the images. That’s it.

There are points awarded for drawing your line in correlation with the images on the picture, but the points are not as much fun as seeing how poorly you can guesstimate an inch.

Number of Players 1-4
Age 5+
Time 15 mins
Friendly ★★★★☆
Teachable ★★★★★
Replayability ★★★★☆
Creative Freedom ★★★★★
Inclusive (no elimination) ★★★★★

Currently only one version and no expansions, but I don’t see a reason to add anything to this great game.

Teaching Advice:
Explain the rules for one board and then show how to place your transparency over the board. Done, that’s it!

Link to Video Tutorial


Link to Doodle Quest on Amazon.

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